lunes, 30 de agosto de 2010

Food for thought

Some reflexions on our topic -the use of theater in the classroom.

*In what sense can teachers be considered actors? Do you think there's any connection or similarity between teaching and acting?

*To Play. A Play. Jugar un papel. To play a role. Let's play! Don't you think playing is the best way of learning? Why do you think activities related to theatre can be particularly convinient for language learning?

*Literary genres are flexible, their boundaries or limits are not fixed, or at least can be crossed. Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was based on a short story by Mateo Bandello; we can easily prepare a dialogue based on already known Fairy Tales. The possibilities are innumerable.

*Children are creative and imaginative. Some say the school tends to close those fantastic doors. Let's keep them open!

*Music and theatre can also be related. Reading outloud is a good way of improving our pronunciation, but singing is even better; when we sing, we usually pronounce better than when we speak, because we depend less on the articulatory or pronouncing habits of our mother tongue.

*What kind of movies do you like most? Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a dubbing actor ? Would you like to try? What about musicals?

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